Copyright 2010 Kim Seifert Enterprises
Kim Seifert (Kim Robben in real life) is one of Second
Lifeís most dynamic and entertaining performers. Cut from
a different mold, Kimís performances bring a full synthesis
of music and top quality singing that you will find
refreshing, highly energetic, and down right
happy-dancing, toe-tapping fun!
Kim's musical roots trace all the way back to childhood. Growing up in a musical family,
she began singing almost before she could talk. She created her first(rock) band at the
tender age of 15, and by 16, was singing hit Country tunes at the local VFW club on
weekends. Kim has been singing with a variety of bands ever since, but due to frequent
moves, has not been able to lay permanent or long term claim with any one group.

After coming to Second Life and being inspired by the many talented and wonderful
entertainers she has met and witnessed here, it became apparent that an opportunity for
her to fulfill her own dream of singing could still come true. Second Life and technology
provide a medium where relocation and permanent, physical venues are not an issue,
and Kim can now attend to the duties of a demanding personal and family life, entertain
us in SL, and enjoy what she loves doing so much.

Kim's musical style and personal sound is well suited for high energy country rock, and
this where she shines and has the most fun. Her dynamic voice will have your heart
singing with joy, and your feet dancing out of control. Polished and clean, with excellent
range and emotional power, Kim's performance will take you away.

Find more about Kim at her personal MySpace page. Her original songs are also
published here for your enjoyment.